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Calla Lily: Araceae, Zantedeschia Aethiopica - The word 'calla' is Greek for magnificent beauty, and nothing suits that ideal as well as the Calla flower. It is a lily by common name only, although like lilies its white variety has long been associated with the Virgin Mary, and the chastity she embodies. Contrary to this the Romans saw the Calla, with its notably phallic pistil, as a symbol of lust and sexuality. Both these ideals come together in the Calla's tradition of being a wedding flower, representing the idealized virginity of the bride in white and expectation of her fertile future. The Calla is also prominent at funerals, and tombstones illustrating a broken Calla Lily speak of one who died before his or her time. The Calla Lily is successfully used in glamor spells for beauty, as well as for fertility and necromancy.

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Edited by Chas Bogan
The Calla Lily (Zantedeschia Aethiopica) has a common name that has caused much confusion, being that it is neither a true Calla (Calloideae) or Lily (Lilium). Nevertheless it shares attributes with both of its namesake. The word Calla is derived from the Greek, meaning "beautiful."

Other names Include: Arum Lily, Florist's Calla, Garden Calla, Pig Lily, Trumpet Lily, and White Arum.

Additionally there are more varieties than the icon white. They possess such colorful names as: Dead Horse, Black Magic, Green Goddess, Diva Maria, Neon Amour, Pillow Talk, Captain Safari, Odessa's Pride and many more.

The Calla Lily is considered to be naked, or 'achlamydeous,' by the standards of botany, lacking both petals and septals. It has a funnel-shaped spathe bract, which cannot be called a petal and is actually a type of leaf, enclosing the large spadix at its center, which is most commonly referred to as a spike.

While some take note of the Calla Lily's phallic spike, others, such as Georgia O'Keeffe, are inspired by the likeness of its spathe to female genitalia. This resemblance to hermaphroditicism equates it to the primary deity of the Faery Tradition, as described by Victor Anderson, "the clitorophallic presence of God Herself."

Given the sacred value our tradition places on sex, as seen in the Iron Pentacle, the Calla Lily serves as a fine representation of that ideal.

Calla Lily Flower Sorcery

A Spell For Love
A Spell For Love

This spell comes from Feri Grandmaster Victor H. Anderson, originally passed as oral tradition in 1995. There are no details as to how he intended the three ingredients to be used, nevertheless, they include:

Calla Lily Powder
Dandelion Juice

A Spell To Make You Pretty
A Spell To Make You Pretty
When we were children Calla Lilies grew in our garden, and their white pollen attracted not only the butterflies but us children as well. I would slide my finger up the long yellow spike, collecting the dust, then dab it on my nose, cheeks and chin. It made me feel pretty, like I was dipping into Mom's fancy dusting powder. Older now, I still like to feel pretty now and then, and with childlike pretense will apply Calla Lily powder to my nose and recite the following.
Calla Lily powder
Don't you make me sneeze
I will look so pretty
So pretty if you please

In accordance with the Doctrine of Signatures it is easy to see why the ancient Greeks identified the turgid spike of the Calla Lily with the penis, and why it is so useful for magic pertaining to male sexuality. With this part of the Calla Lily a man's sex drive and fortitude can be increased; or, to the contrary, turned lethargic and impotent; and his fidelity bound to another. For each of the following spells you will need to gather a Calla Lily spike.
Calla Lily spike
Calla Lily Flower Sorcery

To Increase Male Sex Drive
To Increase Male Sex Drive
In addition to the Calla Lily spike, the first thing needed for this spell is the target's semen. Not the easiest thing to gather if his sex drive is already low. Thankfully magic allows us to replace his semen with something symbolic, the suggestion here being for oil. Simple olive oil is fine, you need only a teaspoon; however you will want it to possess some of his vital energy. There are several ways to do this. You may not have access to his semen, but you may be able to collect one of his personal concerns, such as hair, or a pencil he has chewed, or his underpants. If small, place the item in the dish of olive oil, or stir it with the item, or place the item beneath the bowl. If he dwells far from you, then you may use a picture of him, or write his name on a piece of paper and place it beneath the bowl. All of these are suggestions for charging the oil with energy related to him. The next step is to say:
Here is [so and so's] seed
It stirs with fervent vim
Arousing his carnal need
As lust awakens in him
Wet your hand with the oil, and begin stroking the spike as you continue to repeat the chant above, in total twelve times. When your spell has been done, go bury the spike in your backyard, along with whatever personal concern you used to charge the oil.

To Lessen Male Sex Drive
To Lessen Male Sex Drive
Sometimes you have things to do, and just can't be bothered with an overly randy man pinching your rear. The remedy for this is simple. In addition to the Calla Lily spike you will need a square of paper that is only slightly larger than the spike. On the paper you will write the man's name three times. All you need do next is wrap the spike in the paper with the spike pointed downward as pictured to the right. Keep this in a safe place, preferably a dark one, retaining the orientation of the spike pointed downward.
John Doe

To Aid Against Impotency
To Aid Against Impotency
Faery tradition works with many deities, and Twr is especially helpful when it comes to issues of masculine vigor. Calla Lilies make a suitable offering for his altar, especially the green or red varieties, allowing you the opportunity to use the following chant.
Twr, Power, Flower
Bestower of vitality
Restore my sexuality

A Curse To Cause Impotence
A Curse To Cause Impotence
Rapists and child molesters are primary targets for this spell. What the law may not be able to stop, magic may attempt. Again we will be writing his name three times on a piece of paper. If you do not have a name, if for instance there is a rapist at large in your community who is yet unknown, then you may cut an article about him from the newspaper, or print a report out from the internet. Take the Calla Lily spike and snap it in two, saying:
Heed the power of my hex
As I break the power of his sex
Wrap this broken spike in the paper, then go to a cemetery and bury it at the foot of a tree.

A Spell To Keep Him Faithful
A Spell To Keep Him Faithful
This spell has two version depending on if your gender is male or female.

If you are a woman seeking to keep your man faithful then you will require the part surrounding the spike, as well as the spike itself. Both of these items require that you anoint them with sexual secretion. The spike will need to be coated with his semen, and the outer part wetted from your vagina. This is easily done clandestinely in the bathroom following intercourse. Place these in a red flannel bag and use as a mojo, keeping the bag from his sight at all times. Once a week, or additionally whenever he is away on business or other social occasions that could lead to infidelity, sprinkle the bag with your perfume. Not only will this keep him from straying, it will also make him more lustful towards you.

Same sex lovers requite two spikes, each anointed separately with the semen of both parties. Again, these will be placed in a red flannel bag, kept hidden, and dressed with cologne weekly and for worrisome occasions.

If you and your male partner have an open relationship, but with the caveat that sex with others remain safe, then you many put the contents within a condom prior to placing them in the mojo bag.
Please note: The spells contained on this page are not intended as a substitute for any legal, financial, psychiatric and or medical services.
Calla Lily In Mythology
In some sects of Faery Tradition the Arddu's iconography has him holding a white lily as his emblem, some say specifically that it is a Calla Lily, expresssing his association both with sex and with death.
Calla Lily In Mythology
In Greek mythology it is said to have grown from Hera's milk. The tale goes that Zeus, wanting his son Hercules to be powerful, placed the infant to suckle at Hera's breast while she was sleeping. When she awoke, shocked to find a baby at her breast, she flailed, her still seeping breast scattering milk across the heavens where they formed stars, and upon the firmament where they grew to become Calla Lilies.

Roman mythology tells of how Venus, arising from the sea foam, first set her eyes upon the Calla Lily and was struck with jealousy, as the Calla Lily's beauty rivaled her own. She cursed the flower, giving it the tumescent spike to deride it's otherwise feminine beauty. This endowment did nothing to deter the Satyrs, however, who indulged in the sensual attributes of both sexes.
Calla Lily Prose & Poetry

Silver cups do offer up
Thy precious pale treasure
Upon thy visage so applied
Grants beauty beyond measure.
- Storm Faerywolf

Katherine Hepburn
"Stage Door"

"The Calla Lily is in bloom again. Such a strange flower. Suitable for any occasion. I carried them on my wedding day, and now I place them here in memory of something that has died."


Unfurl your cloak of silken white
Reveal your secret wand upraised at length
And not unlike a star you shine serene
To exalt the autumn-tide with silver cups.
Shall we drink sweet nectar as we praise
The simple beauty revealed now in truth?
Or shall we simply sit and idly gaze
Into the eyes of love I have for you?
Calla lily soft and silken white
With open heart I pledge my love this night.
- Storm Faerywolf
A fond childhood memory is of making a Mother's day breakfast, in which I cleverly folded pancakes around sausages to mimic the look of Calla Lilies, even dusting them lightly with powdered sugar. In truth, they looked a mess, but did make up for it in taste.


Arum Sangtum (The Black Calla)

In the church on Easter
Esther sat demure,
Like a calla lily.
Graceful and as pure.

Little gilt-edged prayer book-
Far too small for use-
Read she most intently-
Was it just a ruse?

Then a transformation,
White was changed to red,
And my Easter lily
Was a rose instead
-David Magie Cory

Calla Lily
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Calla Lily